Cysts Eliminator

Cysts Eliminator

60 capsules $45 USD

Take a look at the video, click  How to Get Rid of Cysts Naturally

An all-natural herbal supplement that helps to reduce breast, ovarian and skin cysts.  Also,  promotes your immune system to rid harmful bacteria in the body.

Suggested Usage: Take one (1) capsule after breakfast and one (1) capsule after dinner.  Avoid caffeine and chocolate. Keep out of reach of children. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. No fillers, preservatives, additives,  soy, sugar, yeast, starch, or salt added.

It is suggested that you should follow a healthy balanced diet, which includes plenty of  vegetables, fruits, grains and beans. If you want to eat chicken and fish, make sure it is organic. A natural food diet is one free of synthetic estrogen found in dairy products, red meat, eggs, pork, shell fish and free of foods that dehydrate tissue (uterine), such as white sugar, white vinegar, hard alcohol, salt, bleached white flour, polished white rice, processed & fried foods, protein drinks, carbonated sodas, and soy milk & soy products.  It has been stated that adding more fiber in your diet is a natural estrogen balancer.

“I started taking your Fibroid Plus, Cyst Eliminator, Atlantic Kelp and Red Clover capsules on 12/5/2014.  It really cleaned me out.  My fallopian tubes were blocked and I had fibroids with two(2) myomectomies, 2 laprascopies, ovarian cysts, low ovarian reserve.  My anti-mullerian hormone was low, FSH and LH was very high.  For over 10 years of trying to conceive with no success from fertility doctors, and for my surprise and good success after calling Mr. El, he really helped and directed me, and the herbal formulas helped me get pregnant after only one month of use.  I thank God and Mr. El for everything, my IVF procedure is cancelled and I don’t have to waste my money.  I am very grateful.  God bless you Mr. El.”  MD yaa

Ingredients: 100% Pure Organic 

Angelica: has a warming effect on the body.  It promotes circulation of the blood to the extremities.

Butcher’s Broom: has been used successfully in reducing swelling in the body.

Chaste Tree: lies in normalizing the activity of female sex hormones.

Devil’s Claw: used for pain and inflammation.

Echinacea: with Yarrow Root can effectively lessen cystitis.

Pau d’ Arco: is a miracle bark from S. America and has been used for anti-fungal properties.

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