Hypertension Plus™

Hypertension Plus

Hypertension Plus

60 capsules for only $30

An all natural herbal supplement that can help normalize blood pressure.

High blood pressure is a major problem in today’s fast-paced, high-stress world.

What are common symptoms for high blood pressure and hypertension?

Headaches, irritability, dizziness, and ringing in the ears, flushed complexion, red streaks in the eyes, fatigue and sleeplessness, frequent urination, depression, and heart arrhythmia.

Common Cause: clogging arteries and increased fat storage;  calcium/fiber deficiency;  thickened blood from excess mucous and waste;  insulin resistance and poor sugar metabolism;  obesity and lack of aerobic exercise;  stress;  and too much salt and red meat causing raised copper levels.

We recommend that you change your diet, reduce salt use, eat smaller meals, avoid caffeine, red meats, fried and fatty foods.

Ingredients : 100% Pure

Chlorella, Evening Primrose, Garlic, Ginkgo, Hawthorne, Mistletoe

How to Use:  Take one or two capsules daily. Always check your blood pressure when using this formula. Caution: Avoid caffeine and chocolate. Keep out of reach of children. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. No fillers, preservatives or additives, no sugar, yeast, starch, or salt.


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Hypertension Plus
Hypertension Plus
An all natural herbal supplement that can help lower blood pressure.
Price: $30

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