Services Offered

Services Offered

  • Customized Natural, Organic Herbal Formulas
  • Free information – Walk-ins welcomed
  • Distribution opportunities
  • Gift Certificates available
  • REFUND POLICY – Return unopened products within 14 days and receive a full refund,  less shipping & handling charges.
  • Our company policy suggests that you get a physical at least once a year, which includes blood work by a reputable physician. Educate yourself by conducting your own research about herbs, then you can intelligently make a decision to try or not to try alternative natural herbal products.

All products are proudly made in the USA.  We do not test on animals.

Workshops Offered

Healthy Children – Healthy Food Translates Into Healthy Behavior-Start your children on the right track.  Healthy food is the life force of the body and feeds every dimension of the body.  Our behavior is the outgrowth of the food we eat and if this food is not healthy, it triggers every organ within the body, signaling and impacting the major organs that both define and determine our behavior.  The most devastating thing that we can do to our body, which most of us are unaware of, is eating unhealthy food.  Teach your children good eating habits that stay with them the rest of their life.

Reduce Anxiety and Become Stress-Free

Control Your Diabetes Naturally

Eat Better, Live Longer & Look Younger – Look and feel 10 to 15 years younger.  Did you know that there are natural herbs that can help delay the process of aging?  With a proper diet and exercise, herbs increase the process of a longer and healthier life. There are no magic bullets.  There are no shortcuts.  Life is good to you when you live the good life.  Now is the season to have a reason to make the lifestyle changes that will kick start your goals.  Changing habits, look at them from day to day, don’t let them get in the way.  Set goals you can reach, both long and short.  A major test is to manage stress, which can affect your looks.  There is one thing you must realize the need for plenty of exercises.  If eating better, living longer and looking younger is your goal, you have no choice but to take better control.  This workshop will also teach some stress-free techniques.  All of this and have FUN!

Motivational & Inspirational Weight Loss TechniquesBe inspired and step out on the right foot!  Finally, lose the weight YOU need to shed.  Get motivated and lose the stress. This workshop will inspire and provide you with the strength to do what you always wanted to do: LOSE THE WEIGHT with simple life style changes and eating habits. Learn to incorporate very simple and manageable weight loss techniques. This workshop will also provide you with a new outlook on yourself.  Learn what causes “yo-yo dieters” and why the pounds are not coming off.  You will learn to stay inspired and help your efforts to lose weight.  Start to focus on being healthy instead.  This workshop’s goal is to teach you how to reach optimal health.  All of this and have

Nutritional Natural Herbal Supplements

How to Avoid Getting Fibroids – Educational Only – Personal Testimony

Customized Workshops designed just for your event – tell us what you want.   Also available for Home Parties.  Have FUN While Learning How to Become Healthy. The host will receive a gift.

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